Welcome to Escape to Wander

Welcome to the adventure

Make every day a new journey.

This blog signifies new beginnings. Every day is a new adventure, with new and sometimes terrifying events along the way. Lately I have been at a point in my life where I feel life I have no control over the events going on in my life. One day to the next it is hard to tell what interesting feat I will encounter. It feels great to be on this journey, with my blog, and I hope to inspire others to discover new beginnings in their life along my journey.

Along this journey I have discovered my passion for marketing and web design, as well as writing about my life events. It has been something that has helped give me the driving motivation to get out of my head and start living again. Through blogging and publishing photos on Instagram I have been able to express myself in the ways that I desire, while creating content that I am happy to be putting out into the world.

No one ever said creating content was easy and I never claimed to be good at it, but I am happy to have a creative outlet to put my energy towards. Sometimes it is best to put your thoughts out into the world, because you never know what they will bring to you or others.