Nobody's Path Should Determine Your Destiny

In a world that is constantly trying to place you inside a box, it is hard to go against the grain of things. I touched up on this in my last post, but I would like to expand upon things, and just take a moment to be real and connect with you guys.

So lately I have been wanting to switch majors because of all the stipulations there are to follow going into the field I am in now (among other reasons). They don’t allow you to have any visible tattoos, piercings, or color your hair. This is something that I feel as a society we should have been able to overcome a long time ago, yet we still have jobs that require us to fit in with this cookie cutter society they have set up for us. I get they want people to come across as professional as possible but there are ways to do so while still being able to have body modifications. I believe that I am still able to look professional with the nose piercing and industrial bar that I have. I don’t think it is fair of them to tell me to remove my piercings, risking them closing, just to conform to their ancient way of thinking. This is 2018, just in case anyone missed the memo. We may not have converted to flying vehicles, and teleportation, but I think it is safe to say that body modifications aren’t a threat to society.

Aside from that, I just feel as though I am forced to finish what I have started. I am not one to give up on something, in fear of regretting it later, but there may be a better career path out there for me. I’ll never know unless I try through, the first step is overcoming the fear of failing. Life isn’t about living up to others expectation, you have to do things for yourself sometimes. That may require some tough decisions along the way, but in the end as long as you are happy, other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter. No one is perfect, we are all learning along the way and there is truly no right or wrong in life. Only you know what is best for your life, and we shouldn’t waste our life following along with someone else’s rules.