Another Day, Another Dollar

Hello lovely’s,

Lately I have really been flowing with the idea in my last post, if you haven’t read it take a moment to go check it out. But I have been going against the “norms” and developing my life into something I love rather than conforming to the ideas of others. Not every day will be perfect or amazing, but there are things you can change in your life that will make it easier to enjoy.

In my life I have had a constant struggle working day in and day out, killing myself in order to make ends meet. By doing so I am missing out on the good times in my life, not having enough energy or time to do anything else. I feel this is something that most of us deal with, because from a very young age it has been pounded into our head that we must work our lives away in order to be successful. This is an ideal created by society to confine us and create a “perfect society”. There are so many people in this world however, that aren’t able to get jobs, or can’t find anything but low end jobs that barely pay the bills.

Now I am in no means saying people shouldn’t work, I myself am a workaholic. That being said, I don’t see the point in working our lives away, in order to have a “better life” when we aren’t even able to enjoy our lives while doing so.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I’d rather spend my time and energy doing something I love, such as, writing a blog, modeling for Instagram, or posting videos on Youtube, rather than working at a fast food chain or going to school for something that I am eventually going to get bored of. But hey, that’s just my personal views.


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