“Think Globally, Live Locally”

We live in a world where it seems like no one cares about the world around them, they are always looking for something different or something better. Why is it that we appreciate other cities or locations more than the ones we live in? Or is it that we don’t care at all? It seems like our world is becoming more and more run down and only a few people are putting in the effort to put it back together. In a way, I would compare it to a mother trying to clean the house while her children come behind her and just tear things apart again. If we aren’t working as a whole, our efforts are minimal to none.

There is beauty all around us. For a lot of towns, my own included, thinks are being run down, trashed, and treated like they are garbage. What if we used the resources we have, rather than throwing it away and starting over somewhere else. There are thousands or abandoned buildings in every major city that could be put to use or torn down to create space for something new, and to put the resources back to use rather that rotting away.Β Not only does abandoned building give our towns a bad visual appearance, but it also brings down the quality of life for those around them. The house and business values in the surrounding area decreases along with the abandoned property. With lower house values it only fuels the cycle of destruction. While this isn’t always the case, it seems like lower cost areas are more likely to be destroyed and trashed, because they are already in a torn-up state. However, if we were to treat things as though they weren’t so easily replaceable, no matter what condition they are in prior, we might have a cleaner world to live in.

This is just a small fraction of the problems in the world, but it’s one that we, as a society, should be aware of and be doing something to solve. The problem is it takes a group effort to fix, but it’s hard to get everyone to agree with the same ideals and mind sets. Even though that’s the case it shouldn’t stop people from trying to make a difference. This is however the world we live in and will one day be leaving for our children; don’t we want better for our families?



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