What is Intelligence?

        Intelligence is a very hard thing to interpret, just the very concept is an opinion. Intelligence is based on your views of life, and what you have learned. We split the concept of what we have learned into categories, and use that concept of categories to organize what we have learned about a certain subject. It’s like a very big puzzle that we are all trying to understand; we take small pieces of information from one another, and we piece together a bigger picture for us to all understand.  We are all after one end goal, to learn as much as possible to benefit ourselves, and/or our species, because some individuals know something that others don’t, and that small piece of information can lead to the solution of an equation.

        Our society teaches us as we are growing up that the things that we learn in school determines our intelligence level. Tests, IQ points, GPA, honor roll, these are just concepts to state that we understand what we have learned, but to all of us it doesn’t apply. This just creates a social divide, and causes problems with in our society. This includes generalizations of individuals, stereotyping, and bullying. This concept of intelligence is a false reality, because in the end everyone has intelligence, just in different retrospects.

         As for myself, for most of my life I was bullied for this social divide caused by this concept of intelligence, and appearance, but helped me further my education towards a lot of different fields. I picked up information from a lot of different people, and understand their perspectives of their lives and how they understand the knowledge they take in. By taking in this knowledge from others, and seeing the bigger picture of things, I use this information to my advantage and make something bigger with it. Intelligence is not based on how much you know, but what you know and how you use it. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle, we just need to piece it together.


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