What Should be Your Primary Focus?

Each day the earth turns and we all carry on with our daily lives. We begin to get into a routine of what we should do, what we need to do, and what we believe what we need to do. In this period of time, we have dreams and end goals that give us that idea of what we believe we should do, but as the earth turns and time passes; we can lose site of what we believe is best for us, or those dreams that we have our hearts set on.ย We can’t help the events that happens to us, that changes our course in life, or what we believe in or what we believe is right. So, that leads to the primary question, what should we be focused on in life?

Should we be focused on success? Should we be focused on changing the world? Should we be focused on money, jobs, housing, happiness, adventure, or what happens next?

This is a trick question, the answer is based on not my opinion, but your own. Take your home town for a primary example, there’s others in the same town that believe that it may not be a great place to live, and that it is not worth their time and effort to fix; on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the individuals that this town is everything to them and believe that they can make a change in the community.

Your primary focus is completely based on your beliefs, and your views of the world around you. This is where we create a divide between yourself and others. Going back to your home town, if those two individuals met up and talked about their beliefs about the town around them, their would definitely be conflict between those two. This is because there are two completely different ideas on the same subject. This is diversity, and because of the diversity of opinions in the human brain; no two people can be the same, not every idea will match up, but when we do share these opinions, it changes our views of the world around us.

What is important to yourself at this point in your life, may not even be a thought in the future. Over time your knowledge of the world around you will change due to the people you meet and talk to, or simply because of the situation you are in. I by no means am saying that you won’t be chasing your passion for the rest of your life, or that everything will change, I am simply asking you, what do you believe should be your primary focus for the years to come? This is to get you thinking about not only what do you want, but to think about what do the others around you want to do with their lives. Understand those around you, and support their beliefs, and head for your own; Accept change.


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