Opposing Viewpoints Never Hurt Anyone

Have you ever heard anyone mention their view points and it clashes with everything you have ever believed in? Does this mean their viewpoint is untrue or wrong?

Throughout life you will always come across people with different views, it’s just a fact of life. This, however, doesn’t give anyone the right to put them down or ridicule them for believing in something. We all have different knowledge that we have learned over the years. This knowledge is used to mold our views and ideas. When someone comes from a different walk of life, they are bound to have different sets of values that they live by.

If you believe something to be true, when it pertains to your life, someone else isn’t able to determine whether it is right or wrong. The line between right and wrong is different for everyone. Something that is wrong for you, may not be wrong for your friends. It is all a matter of opinion, as most things are in life.

Ethical standards aside, no one has a justifiable right to put anyone down for the ways they choose to live their live. As long as that person is happy with how they are living and are doing no harm to others, they should be able to live however they want.

It hurts when someone says you shouldn’t be doing something or are wrong for the things you are doing, so why would you want to make someone else feel that way? Think about how your actions affect others before putting that negative energy into the world. This is something that everyone, even myself can work on. It is often overlooked in the moment, but once something is said it can’t be taken back. Think before you speak. Put yourself in their shoes, because your way isn’t the only way. Right and wrong fall between blurred lines.


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