Life Happens: Take a Step Back and Breathe

If anyone has been following my blog, you know that it has been over two weeks since my last post. The reason for that is simple….LIFE HAPPENS. Between work and school it was hard enough to keep up with the blog and podcast that I have been working on, but a few weeks ago some family stuff came up. I have been driving back and forth between my home town and where I live, it has been very stressful and we are still dealing with things, so any prayer, good vibes, and patience would be appreciated. I will try to be getting back to my regular schedule over the next few weeks and have a trip coming up that I hope to document along the way and share some photos from.

When stuff happens that sets you back from your goals it is important to remember it is only temporary. It is okay to take a step back and deal with things, rather than try and do everything while dealing with it. Take time to recover, don’t beat yourself up for not getting things done. You will get to it when you can, it isn’t worth the extra stress. Especially when dealing with family matters, it is important to take the time to spend time with the people you love, even if it means putting of a few things.

Goals are reached over time, not all at once. If you take a few days or weeks off it isn’t going to set you back too far. Just remember to pick up where you left off when you get the chance. Your mental and physical health come first, never forget that.

Thank you to anyone who has stuck around during this rough patch, and thank you to anyone that is coming to my blog for the first time. I look forward to posting more very soon, I have big plans coming up in the next few months.


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