Fear of Failure: Why we don’t take risks

It’s simple…..

The world is a scary place and if we fail, our lives are ruined!! Just kidding

Failure isn’t an easy thing to accept. We want to live successful lives and in our minds failure is a set back. However, without failure there is no way to reach success. (If there is, can someone please share in the comments below, we are all looking for answers here). 

Fear of failure leads back to our need for others approval. We live to impress and out do other humans. Failure is not an option in a competition, therefore it is not an option in our lives. 

We let fear run our lives, often putting off tasks and projects because we feel we might fail. Fearing love, relationships, trust, because we don’t know the outcome. Our fear of failure is a defense mechanisms, in order to protect ourselves from getting hurt we avoid situations that may we feel may not work out in our favor. 

Humans usually rely on their fight or flight instincts in unknown situations, in order to protect their selves from harm. It is a natural instinct in order to survive. Fear is our way of protecting ourselves from failing as well. Failure is not the ideal outcome, and in order to protect ourselves we must avoid it all together. 

Contrary to our fears, however, failure isn’t a bad thing. It is a way for us as humans to grow and learn. Failure is nothing to be feared, it is something to be praised and appreciated. Without it we wouldn’t have all of the technology and advancements we have today. Everyone fails, without failure there wouldn’t be success. The most successful people in the world have all failed before they succeeded and still encounter failure. 

Success is simply the act of trying, if you don’t try you will never succeed. Don’t be afraid to do the things that scare the shit out of you. Maybe one day you will be the most successful person in the world. Always follow your dreams. 


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