Why Garbage Plates Will Change Your Life

On my recent trip to Rochester, NY I finally got to try real garbage plates from Henrietta Hots for the first time. Though Nick Tahou’s is the original maker of the garbage plate, I was told Henrietta Hots is the best. (I have yet to try Nick Tahou’s). If you aren’t from upstate New York you may be wondering what the hell a garbage plate is. When let me explain…

It is heaven in a box. Feast your eyes on its beauty!!

Picture Courtesy of Henrietta Hots Facebook Page

You may be thinking it just looks like a mess, but mix that baby up and it will be the greatest thing to ever meet your taste buds. 

It is a mix of fried potatoes, macaroni salad, cheese burgers, smothered in meat sauce, onions and mustard. Add some ketchup to that and you have yourself heaven on a plate. From what I have heard this is the “go to” garbage plate, but you can get it made with other ingredients as well. It can also be made meatless, which some of the locals were unaware of, so it must be a new menu option for the vegetarians out there. 

A simple blog post can not do it justice. Whether you think I am insane or not, if you are ever in Rochester, NY give it a try. You can thank me later. 


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