Reused Game Boy Photos: The Best Idea Since Sliced Bread

While in Buffalo, New York over the weekend, my boyfriend and I stopped at Cafeology for some iced coffee. (Best coffee we had in town btw, as well as great customer service.) The walls were covered in pictures of people, that were very pixelized and black and white. I didn’t think much of it, just thought it was an interesting art style…Well let me tell you it was definitely interesting.

Cafeology: Lo-Fi Memories Art

Here is a picture I took while at the coffee shop. So the art is made by Lo-Fi Memories. They take pictures off of old game boys they have bought, blow them up, and develop them into posters. As the poster states, the artwork will be at Cafeology throughout the month of November, 2018. 

It is definitely cool to see in person. The pictures are covering the walls and are even on the ceiling. If you are in the area, stop by and check it out
 (check out the one in the bathroom too). 

Lo-Fi art on the ceiling

While we were there we had a good conversation with the Baristas. They were able to give us some good tips and information about the town, and we shared a nice little discussion about our home town as well. 

If you choose to give it a try, let them know the weirdos’ from Ohio sent you. (Just kidding, that would be weird)


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