Daily Writing: December Blogging

Daily blogging is something I have been wanting to do since day one, but lets face it, with a college schedule and work it is next to impossible. So my idea is to post daily for the month of December. 

I already don’t have high expectations for it, but I am hoping to find a way to help keep me motivated to write. I have quite a few topics I would already like to post about, yet it seems that I always push them off. 

Well this month is the time that I start spewing the words inside my brain. I need some form of meditation or therapy after the long semester I have had to endure. So stay tuned this month to read about some interesting events, travel experiences, and much more coming up. 

I keep making plans and then breaking them, hopefully this won’t be one of those times. Since school is coming to an end for the semester, it should be easier to dedicate more time to the blog, and my own personal/mental health. 

Hard work and dedication can go a long way. Here’s to looking forward to the coming month. With the holiday’s coming up, it will be a month of fun with friends and family. Happy Holidays everyone!


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