Destinations away: 48 hours in Rochester New York

So we took a trip to Rochester New York. We set out from our small town in Ohio to embark on a much needed adventure away from the hustle of our daily lives. We set out to see what we could find, not much planning other than a few key places we wanted to stop.

Once we left, we were excited to see where our weekend would take us (spoiler, it took us to Rochester, NY…duh).  The thing we were looking forward to most was stopping at Niagara Falls, let me tell you it was worth the seemingly unending hours we spent in the car. Overall, it was a great experience and I highly recommend going at some point (maybe when it is a little bit warmer though).

Finally after a long tiring adventure we got to our amazing Airbnb, if you haven’t chose to stay at an Airbnb over a hotel you are seriously missing out. All of my top vacation experiences have been because of Airbnb, the hospitality and homeliness of staying in someone’s home or specially made living space is way better then anything you can get from a hotel, at least for the price.

We were able to relax and get some shut eye before our grand adventure the next day. It had been a long trip of fast food and gas station snacks, it was time for a real meal. So naturally, we got garbage plates, a Rochester delicacy. If you haven’t heard of a garbage plate you aren’t alone, but you are definitely missing out (Check out my post all about them).  It is the perfect meal for any junk food junky. It consists of mac salad, fried potatoes, hamburger and meat sauce, all piled in a big mess of food and it is delicious. However there are many variations and names for a garbage plate so if I got any information wrong please let me know in the comments below.

Once our bellies were full we were ready to explore the town. Our adventure started at The Strong, a museum of leisure activities. This was probably my favorite museum I have gone to. It was full of interactive activities and even had a whole arcade on the top level. This is a must go location for anyone visiting Rochester! We spent hours here, playing with all the interactive exhibits, even as adults it was a fun time.

The Strong: They even have Pikachu what’s not to love?

By the time we left we didn’t have a whole lot of daylight left so we decided to head over to the local mall and see what we could find. It was just an ordinary mall so I won’t bore you with the details, but we did meet some very nice locals while we were in hot topic! 

Driving was the scariest part of the whole trip, people in New York are the most aggressive drivers I have ever encountered. I knew it would be hectic, but I was not prepared for the aggression, I swear we almost died on multiple occasions, I would highly recommend taking a bus or taxi if you are not use to driving in a lot of traffic.

After the mall we headed to our room for the night. The next day we spent wondering around the city, we found two walls full of graffiti, one of which was the abandoned subway system, the other was a dark tunnel that lead, err… who knows I was not going down there!

Abandoned subway of Rochester, NY

The abandoned subway sits over top of the Erie Canal, which provided the area with some great scenery, and also made it challenging to get into the subway area. Regardless it was a beautifully rugged town, that wasn’t necessarily in the best shape, and didn’t have a whole lot to offer, but it was an artsy town with a lot of history. 

After 2 days in Rochester, we took off to Buffalo, NY for some more adventures! Stay tuned to read about our adventures in Buffalo!


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