The Struggle is Real: Get your life together!

It’s finals week, so naturally I have failed to complete a blog post the last two days. I figured I would break my promise of posting every day, just not so soon. Things should go a bit smoother this coming week, so if you are anything like me (I am assuming you are since you clicked on this post) then here are some tips to help organize your life. (I should really take my own advise)

“struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up. “

-Robert Tew

Lately, I have been struggling to stay on track and keep my schedule organized. My life is in total utter chaos, and my mental health is crumbling around me (just kidding, maybe). But if you have been here for a while then you probably already know that mental health is something I strive to stay on top of.

Some days it’s hard enough to get out of bed, let alone prevent myself from having a mental breakdown at some point during the day, especially with college. When I am not in the middle of a mental break down, I have been trying to find new ways to organize my time, budget, school/work balance, and anything else that could possibly make my life just a tad bit easier.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

  • Budgeting Plan
  • Cutting out unnecessary expenses and time consuming tasks
  • Planning out my schedule with a detailed list
  • Have another mental breakdown…the struggle is real


This has been the biggest struggle for me, as an adult. I have never had to set too many limits on my spending, until I moves out of my parents house. So I created a spreadsheet to help keep track of all my spending habits to see where my money is going. It is also nice to create a separate spread sheet and keep track of my income as well so I know what my spending limits are. If you are interested in seeing what that looks like I have attached the document below. I customized it to my monthly expenses, and print it off to fill it in as the month goes. 

Aside from budgeting money it is also important to budget your time wisely. That way you don’t get behind on important tasks or waste time on things that should not take priority over the things you need to get done first. This can be done by keeping a planner or a bullet journal.

Time Management

Keeping a bullet journal is not something I am skilled at. I don’t have the artistic ability to make it aesthetically pleasing and I end up putting it off and forgetting about it. It’s really just depends on what works best for you. Try out some different methods and see what works best. Personally I like keeping a detailed planner that has an overview of the month, and then a daily planner for each day of the week that way I just have to fill in the information. Another way to do it would be on your cellphone, but I tend to forget to fill that out as well. 

Stop Procrastination

Procrastinating helps no one, it might be relaxing to take a break in the moment but the stress builds up quickly as the deadlines approach. I have gotten better about not procrastinating over the years, but it is still something I struggle with to this point (if you couldn’t tell by my upload schedule). 

There is a balance between procrastination and working too hard. It is okay to take a few breaks every once in a while, just don’t let those breaks turn in to hours of wasted time. You will sleep much better at night knowing that your tasks are complete before the deadline. 

For everyone in college right now, that is stressing out and struggling to complete everything on time, know you are not alone. But also remember, this part of your life is only temporary. Struggles don’t last forever, the stress will eventually dissipate. Just give it time and stay on top of your work. The same goes to anyone going through a tough time. Everything passes with time. (Now lets just hope we all pass our classes)


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